At Chateau Niagara, we offer all our visitors an intimate, hands-on experience. We tailor our experience to fit you, from beginner to connoisseur, wherever you are on your journey in the wine world.  Not only will you have a great time while you’re here, but you’ll learn so much about wine, food pairing, and the inner workings of a small family winery!

Our Everyday Tasting Experiences

Wine Tasting

$10 per person for a tasting of 5 wines. (excludes wine club-only wines).

Experience an intimate, hands-on journey at Chateau Niagara, where we tailor wine tastings to every guest, from beginners to connoisseurs, offering insights into wine pairing and the heart of our family-run winery.

Cheese Board

(serves 2-4 people) – $15; can be added to your tasting or tour experience.

Savor artisanal cheeses curated to complement our wines, enhancing your Chateau Niagara tasting experience.”

Wine & Chocolate Tasting

$20 per person.

Indulge in a decadent pairing of our finest wines with exquisite chocolates, elevating your Chateau Niagara tasting to a luxurious treat.

Special Upcoming Events


From Mark Criden 

“As the former wine critic for Buffalo Spree magazine, I had many opportunities to taste wines in the Niagara region of New York. Having not tasted here in a half dozen years, I returned recently and tasted at a number of local wineries. The tasting especially at Chateau Niagara was astonishing.

Chateau Niagara’s wines can stand with any peer wines I’ve tried lately. While the crisp, true-to-varietal whites made believers out of our red-wine loving companions, it was the reds that truly elevate Chateau Niagara to the ranks of world-class wineries. The $20 Pinot Noir would shame many a red Burgundy costing many times this price. But don’t stop there. Try the excellent Hungarian blend Bull’s Blood, and the delicious Bordeaux blend Trinity. The apotheosis of the reds, the Cabernet Franc, at $30, is a fantastic value, easily standing shoulder to shoulder with Joguet’s Loire Valley reds.

I can’t wait to go back to see how well these wines will continue to develop.

Highest recommendation.”

This is one of the best local wineries to visit to learn about wine!

We are dog friendly and handicapped accessible.